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Each year we host some

special presentations, themed

concerts and shows to engage you and

make you cheer and laugh, along with

some new places on the site to explore.



This concert commemorates Jim Lay and

his craft of songwriting by presenting a

number of talented songwriters, some

established, some up-and-coming. Jim

was one of our regular local performers

over many years and a good friend of the

Cobargo Folk Festival. We present this

annual concert in Jim’s memory and we

know that he would be proud to support

fellow songwriters. This year we feature

Neil Murray, Kirsty Bromley, Bethany &

Sibylla Stephen (The Little Stevies) and

Connor Ross.

Friday 6:00pm Gulaga


To mark the occasion of our 21st Festival

we have invited some

performers who were

involved in the early

years of the Festival to

return to the stage for

this special concert. They are Elizabeth

Andalis (who was the Festival Director for

most of the early years when it was held in

the village of Cobargo), accompanied by

Amy Turnbull and Dave Crowden, Martin

Fowler (who performed at the very first

Festival) and “Prelude To A Kiss” (Arati

George, Jenny Collins, Georgina Hargreaves

and Ana Arcos).

Saturday 11:30am Mumbulla

(following the Official Opening)



Eileen Morgan was a patron of the Yuin

Folk Club and was involved in its early

years. As a local Aboriginal Elder, she

gave permission for the club to use the

Yuin name. This concert will feature Guy

Ghouse with Desert Child, Neil Murray, the

Djaadjawan Dancers, Funks of Fusion, Joel

Deaves. For more information see This is

Yuin Country on page 10.

Saturday 12:30pm Mumbulla


Danny Spooner, Gael Shannon, Margaret

Fagan and Bob Fagan celebrate the

fabulous music of The Waterson family

from Yorkshire, heroes of the British folk

revival in the 1960s and 1970s. Their

songs and remarkable live performances

shaped a generation of folksingers, their

influence spreading to Australia after

release of their first album in 1965.

Although they stopped touring and

recording as The Watersons in the early

1980s, their music has had an enduring

impact on our folk scene. Danny and

friends will take the audience on a journey

through many of the Waterson’s wonderful

songs with plenty of opportunity for

harmony singing in the rousing choruses.

Saturday 3:00pm Gulaga


At our Festival each year there are

instrumental musicians who are

outstanding in their field and we are proud

to showcase that expertise in special

concerts for guitar and fiddle.

Guitar Concert

Dom Turner (Blues slide guitar whiz -

Backsliders), Daniel Champagne (Bega

Valley musician with an international

reputation as an amazing solo guitarist),

Pete Fidler (Dobro master – Little Rabbit),

Damien Neil (a Festival regular, this year

appearing as accompanist for Neil Murray),

and Guy Ghouse and Damian Watkiss

(brilliant guitar duo from WA Desert Child).

Saturday 4:30pm Gulaga

Fiddle Concert

Bob McInnes (exponent of Scottish fiddle -

Cool Mountain Duo), Kat Mear (Old Timey

Americana style fiddler - Little Rabbit),

Nicola Hayes (top-notch player of Breton

and Cajun styles), Sean Regan (one of

Ireland’s best fiddlers - The Rambling

Boys), Tim Chaisson (world-class fiddler in

the Canadian Maritime tradition - The East


Sunday 11:00am Mumbulla



Australia – for some unexplained reason

– is just nuts about the European Song

Contest, last year becoming the first

country outside of Europe to field an entry.

The redoubtable John Shortis and Moya

Simpson, scourges of Canberra’s political

classes, take you on a roller coaster ride

through six decades of Eurovision history,

complete with glitter, over-enthusiastic

dance moves, and corny songs (there is the

odd good one too).

Founded in the mid-fifties to bring Western

Europe together through television,the

Eurovision Song Contest is more

than singers and songs. It mirrors the

extraordinary changes that have occurred in

that continent from post-war Iron Curtain to

Middle East conflicts, the fall of the Berlin

Wall to wars in the Balkans, Polish Popes

to Russian grannies, French ballads to

pappy pop and world music- it’s all there in

Good Evening Europe. It’s fun, surprising,

daggy and moving.

Saturday 7:30pm Gulaga


So you think you know about folk and

roots music? Folkwiz, a new and seriously

weird addition to the Cobargo Folk Festival

program, will test your knowledge and your

funny bone too. Ok, we’ve taken a few

ideas from some other well-known quizzes

but we’ve built on them and, we think,

made it better.

Compered by local music maestro Damon

Davies and with former ABC presenter Tim

Holt as judge, jury and (hopefully not)

executioner, the Folkwiz band will include

(the other) Dave O’Neill, Peter Logue and

Dave Crowden. Canberra’s Shortis and

Simpson will entertain with a number of

provocative interludes and we’ll have two

teams, the Celebrities and the Punters.