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Cabec started in a Year 10 music class when

Abbee, Buddy and Cellestine had to write and

perform a composition. For the last 18 months

they have been performing at various halls

around the area. Buddy and Abbee are here

ready to entertain you while Cellestine relaxes



Ella is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from

Cobargo who has been playing at the Festival

for too many years to count. Her music is

reminiscent of lazy afternoons spent by the

water and the feeling of honeyed sunshine

seeping through your skin. With a sound that

is influenced by a wide range of artists, her

music takes on a bunch of different sounds and

inspirations to form a unique blend of genres.

@K:<> H <HGGHK :G=


Grace and Nathan have been collaborating and

playing music together for 12 months. Their

mixture of original compositions and unique

covers highlights an influence from folk and

blues genres. Grace is in the midst of recording

an EP of her own compositions, which she is

planning to release in 2016. Grace and Nathan

are multi-instrumentalists, using keyboard,

guitar, ukulele, harmonica and percussion to

deliver their captivating original tunes.


Don’t miss the Fire Show on the Arena on

Saturday night at 10pm. Featuring Sven

Helland, Leif Helland, Kara Stevens, Sammy

Holden, Jesse Holden and Steve Chin.


Guitarama (Matt Burrows, Bec Browne, Marley

Faulkner, Gian Hofstetter) are a dynamic guitar

ensemble from the Magpie School of Music.

They play rhythmic Latin American guitar tunes

as well as a selection of original material.


The Cobargo Folk Festival has again partnered with The Crossing Land Education Trust to provide a designated youth performance

space at the Festival. This is The Crossing’s 11th anniversary and it continues to showcase youth talent and give youth musicians

experience performing in front of a live audience. The aim of The Crossing stage is to provide challenging and fun experiences in a

supportive environment where young people can learn new skills, increase self-awareness and build confidence. You could see a star

in the making! Young performers who have appeared at The Crossing and have gone on to musical careers include Kim Churchill,

Daniel Champagne, Vendulka, The Hellands, Connor Ross and Sam McMahon. All have created waves in the music world and all

made early appearances at The Crossing as young people.


Formed early in 2015, they have enjoyed a year

playing in various halls and festivals around the

valley. They are an instrumental band drawing

on influences from funk, jazz, reggae and

blues. Music to dance, chill, contemplate your

surrounds or tap your feet.

A:GG:A ?>KG:G=>S

Hannah is a 17 year old muso who loves to

sing and write songs. She develops her act by

busking and performing whenever possible. Still

in high school Hannah is constantly working on

new material in the hopes of living her dream.


Jasmine and Annie are Year 12 music students

at Bega High School. They have been singing

together for 5 years. They just love the

harmonies their voices make together. With

Jasmine on vocals and Annie on guitar and

vocals don’t miss their sound as they present

some of their favourite modern folk covers.


Bega High Year 11 music student Jessica

Simpson has been performing for 8 years as a

musician and actor. She will be presenting an

acoustic rock set of some of her favourite covers

and a few originals as well.


Sisters, Judith (14) and Anna (11) Browne have

been singing and

playing together their

whole lives. Enjoy

the harmonies that

only sisters sing.

Anna and Judith will

also be performing

solo sets on The

Crossing Stage.

D>EL>R D>GG>=R% CH<<H:: E>>%



Singing together since Year 9 and recently

finished high school, these young women have a

range of funky songs for you to come and groove

to. Start jiving down to the youth tent and watch

them perform!

EB>P ;:=@>K :G= CBF <:FI;>EE

Louie and Jim are in Year 7 at Sapphire Coast

Anglican College and they love to juggle. Come

and watch them nimbly throw stuff!


16 year old singer-

songwriter Layal started

piano at age 4 and guitar

in year 6. She writes and

performs her own material

and is a student at Eden

Marine High. Layal says

“I’m a model, actress

and singer/songwriter but

I have always known I

wanted to have a career in



Kym Mason, Georgia MacDonald, Harrison

Bunny, Dayna Lingard and Hayden Ryan are 5

talented students from Narooma High School

with a passion to perform and play music.


Raeh is a Year 12 Bega High School student

studying music, drama and art, who has a

passion for music and performance. Raeh will

be playing a laid back selection of acoustic

soulful tunes that will lull the audience into

chilled dimensions.


Reload are brothers Raeh and Cylem Power and

their buddy Aden Lord, all Bega High students,

who enjoy playing music to move to in the jazz

pop vibe.


Sarah ia a 13 year old students at Eden Marine

High who has been singing for 12 months. She

plays guitar and sings and will be presenting

some of her favourite covers.

L<:K>= H? LA:KDL

Jack and Tyler Mololakis are brothers from

Mogareeka who say they have finally decided

to get their act together and play a gig.


both been playing music for years but this will

be the first real collab, we’re keen to just play

some fast, loud music and see what happens.

Come round and have a pogo to our Garage



The Sheikh of the Shake is disk jock Tom

Noonan; the Cobargo resident and vinyl record

fanatic behind the infamous Juke Joint nights in

the Wandella hills. Put your trust in the Sheikh

for a guaranteed dance party of vintage soul,

greasy R&B, jump blues and early rock’n’roll all

played on original vinyl records.