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Workshop Description



9:00am Yuin


Neil Murray


This is a wonderful opportunity to be able to hear one of this country’s deeply informed social commentators discuss and share

insights into his craft of songwriting.

9:00am Narira

Anglo Concertina

Alistair Brown


Here’s a chance to find out everything you need to know about the Anglo concertina... how it works, who makes it, how to play tunes

and accompany songs, how to fix things that go wrong.

10:00am Narira


Gino Lupari (The Rambling Boys)


Undoubtedly Ireland’s most famous, colourful and funny bodhran master, Gino hails from Magherafelt in the north of Ireland. He’s

renowned for his teaching skills – and his cooking. Another jet lag warning here. Play softly.

10:00am Yuin

Singing in New Guinea Pidgin

Fred Smith


Let Fred Smith take you on a hilarious crash course in Papua New Guinea Pidgin, teaching the basics of the language by singalong

songs from the region. It’s a vocal workshop and language lesson all in one! Come and sing your way into the heart of this fascinating

culture, and learn enough of the language to get you in and out of trouble on the streets of Rabaul.

10:45am Brolga

Bellydance Workshop

Samira Amar (Ghawazee Moon Bellydance)


The Egyptian ghawazee were well-known for their amazing shimmying hips, torso control and beautiful arm movements – not to

mention their finger cymbal playing (experienced dancers, bring your zills)! Come along to this workshop and learn one of the oldest

forms of Egyptian Folkloric Bellydance.

11:00am Narira

Tin Whistle

Vin Garbutt


Here is a rare opportunity to attend a workshop by Vin, and you too may become a “tin whistle pest” (the title of an album Vin

produced many years ago). Suitable for beginners

12:00am Brolga

Morris Dance Workshop

Black Joak Morris


Dancing for the minimally graceful! Come along to Black Joak’s workshop to learn how to hit sticks together and wave around hankies

to annoy your audience to their absolute limit. Please wear comfy shoes with grip. All welcome!

12:15pm Narira

Australian Ladies (Part 2)

No Such Thing


This is a continuation of NST’s popular workshop at last year’s Festival presenting and teaching collected tunes from Australian

female musicians.

1:00pm Yuin

Gie It Laldie! - Songs of Scotland and the Sea

Rebecca Wright & Donald McKay


Join Rebecca Wright and Donald McKay for a rousing hour of sing-along songs and shanties from Scotland and beyond. Bring a song

to share, or just join the chorus. All welcome!

1:00pm Yarnin’

Presenting and Performing Poetry

Vic Jefferies


A workshop for beginners which offers advice and information regarding selecting, writing, presenting and performing poetry.

1:45pm Narira

English Tunes (for any instrument)

Old Empire Band


Get the heads up on all those great English polkas and hornpipes. Led by members of the famed Old Empire Band, and suitable for

most instruments!

2:00pm Yuin

Guitar Accompaniment Workshop

Guy Ghouse & Damian Watkiss (Desert Child) I/A

Both Guy and Damian have performed at countless festivals across Australia and overseas, played for many recording sessions

and have been invited as stand-in session players for many touring acts. The secret? Versatility. Guy and Damian – although an

instrumental act - will talk about and demonstrate developing the art of accompanying singers, techniques used to bring out the best

in THE PERSON YOU ARE ACCOMPANYING - not just your own playing.

Workshop levels indiate the level of expertise required by participants.

L = all levels

B = beginners

I = intermediate

A = advanced


Squeezers Circle

Ukelele Session

Singing Session

Hosted by Steve Wilson - anyone who plays a

bellowed instrument (concertina, accordion,

melodeon, bandoneon, etc) may join in and

and play a piece

Sat 2:00pm Yuin

Led by members of The Wobbles - bring your

Uke and join the fun or come along to see

what all the fuss is about - you’re bound to

catch the Uke bug!

Sat 7:00pm - Narira

Hosted by Miguel & Dallas (MaD aDaM). A

singing session where everyone gets a turn

and everyone can join in. Bring a song - any

song to share around the circle. Feel more

comfy with an instrument? Bring it along!

Sat 9:00pm - Narira

Program times listed are correct at time of printing.

Program times may be subject to change and updates will be posted at venues or the Festival Office.