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Artist biographies are listed alphabetically by the first name and ignoring “The”. Performance times listed are correct at time of printing.

Program times may be subject to change and updates will be posted at venues or the Festival Office.


Alistair Brown has been singing the old

songs, and the new songs written by people

who like the old songs, since he was 15

years old. After 30 years in Canada, where

he was active in many aspects of folk song

and dance, as a recording artist, radio

broadcaster, columnist, festival director,

dance teacher, university lecturer, and

program director at folk music and dance

camps, he now lives in Cornwall, England.

His songs range from big ballads, comic

ditties, songs of struggles against temptation,

odes to conviviality and songs of unashamed

sentimentality, to outrageously funny

stories from a master of the art - all this

accompanied by Anglo concertina, button

accordion and harmonica.

Friday 7:00pm Gulaga

Saturday 4:00pm Magpie

Sunday 9:00am Narira (w’shop)

Sunday 11:00am Magpie


Backsliders, celebrating 30 years in 2016,

are still

“redefining, refining and diversifying

the [blues] genre”

(The Australian, 2014).

Regulars at Bluesfest, Kidgeeridge, Narooma

and festivals Australia-wide, Dom Turner, Rob

Hirst, and Joe Glover will present a special

acoustic session playing their trademark

Delta and Mississippi hill country blues

sounds mixed with original 21st century new

blues anthems.

Saturday 4:30pm Gulaga

(Dom Turner – Guitar concert)

Saturday 6:00pm Narira

(Dom Turner – w’shop)

Saturday 9:00pm Mumbulla


Beth Patterson, from Louisiana, USA, is a

dynamic, multi- instrumentalist who says

she was adopted by “a stray Irish bouzouki”.

Combining traditional Irish, Celtic and

folk ballads with Cajun, world-beat and

progressive rock influences, her own creative

songwriting and a unique sense of humour,

Patterson’s wit, charm, and musical ability

are as memorable as her powerful music.

Friday 7:00pm Mumbulla

Saturday 10:00am Narira (w’shop)

Saturday 9:00pm Magpie


Black Joak Morris performs the traditional

folk dance of the bucolic English Cotswolds.

Morris dancing is a living link to ancient

traditions, danced to live music provided by

talented and knowledgeable musicians. An

extremely energetic side, the Joakers couple

athletic display with bright costumes and

loud bells to delight and mystify audiences of

all ages.

Friday 8:15pm Brolga

Sunday 12 noon Brolga (w’shop)

Plus impromptu performances throughout

the weekend around the site.


Chris O’Connor plays vintage blues as if they

were written yesterday. Using a small-bodied

guitar and a well-worn steel bodied National

resonator as accompaniment, He showcases

the diversity of Pre-war blues, from bouncy

ragtime to stark Delta blues and flowing

bottleneck instrumentals. O’Connor puts his

own stamp on songs from the likes of Blind

Lemon Jefferson, Tommy Johnson, Memphis

Minnie and Blind Blake, sitting alongside his

own wry songs and instrumentals.

Friday 5:00pm Magpie

Saturday 9:00am Narira (w’shop)

Saturday 12 noon Magpie


Connor Ross is a multi- instrumentalist

singer/songwriter from the far south coast

of NSW. With an alternative folk sound that

features jazz and blues influences, Connor

Alistair Brown


Beth Patterson

Connor Ross

has left lasting impressions on audiences

at festivals including the Cobargo Folk

Festival and Candelo Village Festival and

played support for the likes of Steve Smyth,

Daniel Champagne, Jack Carty and Baby

Animals. In 2014 he was a semi-finalist in

the Telstra Road To Discovery program. With

emphasis on the use of a loop pedal in his

live performance, and through his articulation

of musical light and shade, Connor creates

complex and atmospheric live experiences

that continue to captivate audiences.

Friday 3:00pm Magpie

Saturday 10:00am Magpie

Sunday 1:00pm The Crossing


Bob McInnes and Jane Ellis play beautiful

tunes that will delight and soothe the soul.

Bob McInnes - fiddler extraordinaire - has

played with The Wild Colonial Boys and

The Larrikins and is much sought after for

Scottish balls and country dances. Jane

Ellis has played piano since the 1980s for

bush dances, Scottish country dances, and

ceilidhs and as an accompanist for traditional

singers and fiddlers. She has been a member

of Canberra bands Free Selection and

Strathmannan, and currently sings with Flash


Friday 4:00pm Mumbulla

Saturday 5:00pm Yuin

Sunday 11:00am Mumbulla

(Bob – Fiddlers)


Local permaculturist, environmental educator

and yoga teacher, Dan Bakker, invites you

to start the day with a gentle yoga session

that will ease your body, mind and soul into

a state ideal for frolicking festival frivolity.

Bring a blanket and pillow to the Brolga tent

for an hour or so of breathing and movement

techniques, suitable for beginners.

Saturday 8:00am Brolga

Sunday 8:30am Brolga