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Artist biographies are listed alphabetically by the first name and ignoring “The”. Performance times listed are correct at time of printing.

Program times may be subject to change and updates will be posted at venues or the Festival Office.

trademark. With a deep love of lyrics and

melodies that insist on being heard, this

duo delivers a rich cocktail of surprising and

entertaining songs spiced with strong vocals

and delicious harmony.

Saturday 10:00am Gulaga

Saturday 9:00pm Narira

(Singing Session)

Sunday 9:00am Magpie


Molly’s maypole and lively accordion will have

kids dancing and creating intricate ribbon

patterns. Emphasis is on fun, audience

participation where kids and adults are

invited to join in.

Saturday 9:30am Bunyip

Saturday 10:30 am Bunyip

Sunday 9:00am

Sunday 10:00am Bunyip


The songs that make up Mike Martin’s

repertoire ramble their way through all

stops along the genres and a few places in


“The old minstrel at play once

again: timeless yet as contemporary as the

headlines in this morning’s news”

- Michael

Menager. Mike will be accompanied by

Lindsay Martin, a renowned fiddle and

mandolin player highly respected by his

peers. This pairing goes back many years and

have recorded two albums together -


Strelley Project


Post Card from Candelo


Saturday 1:00pm Gulaga

Sunday 10:00am Mumbulla


Neil Murray - the man behind

My Island

Home, Blackfella Whitefella


Good Light

in Broome

- is one of our finest singer-

songwriters whose work has done much

to deepen Australia’s musical heritage.

A founding member of the pioneering

indigenous group the Warumpi Band, he

has enjoyed a three decade plus career

releasing several remarkable solo albums. In

1995 he received the APRA song of the year

award for

My Island Home

which featured

in the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000

Olympics. His songs have been recorded

by Mary Black, Jimmy Little, Missy Higgins,

Powderfinger and Christine Anu. His latest

album is

Bring Thunder and Rain

. His live

show captivates and inspires.

Friday 10:00pm Gulaga

Saturday 12:30pm Mumbulla

Saturday 10:00pm Gulaga

Sunday 9:00am Yuin (w’shop)



Nicola Hayes and Hélène Brunet have been

making music together for over ten years.

Their energy and commitment to their

music make them two of the most sought

after performers on the buzzing Breton

music scene. Their first album,



was released in September 2011, to an

enthusiastic response from reviewers and

public alike. Drawing on their respective

backgrounds in traditional music, their

ardent take on Irish jigs and reels, Old-timey

breakdowns and Cajun two-steps summon

audiences into a universe where “the only

proper way to react to the inner animal’s tunes

is to dance to them”. Nicola and Hélène

have a rare on-stage complicity, fruit of their

years of playing in Brittany’s clubs, pubs and

concert halls.

Friday 6:00pm Mumbulla

Saturday 11:00am Yuin (w’shop)

Saturday 7:00pm Mumbulla

Sunday 11:00am Mumbulla

(Nicola – Fiddlers)

Sunday 1:00pm Mumbulla


No Such Thing is a group of musicians who

play collected Australian dance tunes. The

unusual name came about after a Scottish

musician commented that “there is no such

thing as Australian dance music”. The band

recreates the authentic feel of the old time

dance bands and will soon get your feet


Saturday 3:30pm Brolga

(Dance w’shop)

Saturday 7:00pm Brolga

Sunday 12:15pm Narira

(Tunes w’shop)


Kat Mear, Kim Wheeler and Pete Fidler make

up Little Rabbit, originally getting together

with a passion to play an unconventional

mixture of bluegrass, pop, old-time and

Americana musical styles. Their music is

a mixture of traditional songs and tunes

and original compositions that are always

crowd pleasers. Kat, Kim and Pete are all

long standing Old Timey and Americana

enthusiasts, and it shows.

Friday 11:00pm Gulaga

Saturday 10:30am Brolga

(dance w’shop)

Saturday 1:00pm Narira

(Kat Mear – w’shop)

Saturday 3:00pm Mumbulla

Saturday 4:30pm Gulaga

(Pete Fidler – Guitar Show)

Sunday 11:00am Mumbulla

(Kat Mear – Fiddlers)


Unpredictable on-stage banter, exquisite

sibling harmonies, irresistible pop melodies

and songs that are akin to your favourite

stories put to music, Australia’s The Little

Stevies have built an exceptional reputation

as a must-see live act wherever they go.

They’ve toured Australia, Canada, USA and

New Zealand extensively and have released

three studio albums, their most recent

Diamonds For Your Tea

, was described in the

Sydney Morning Herald as

“incredibly well-

honed, gorgeous songs rip out of the speakers

with a deep, warmly polished sound that is

better than just about anything I have heard

in recent history”


Friday 9:00pm Magpie

Saturday 6:00pm Mumbulla

MaD aDaM

Avid festival-goers, folk-clubbers, session

singers, blackboardists and buskers, Miguel

Heatwole and Dallas de Brabander have built

a strong repertoire of folk duets and original

songs with a twist, both a cappella and

accompanied by guitar, banjo and other

assorted musical noise-makers.

Powerful, unexpected and

unusual songs are MaD aDaM’s

The Little Stevies

Neil Murray

Nicola Hayes and Hélène Brunet