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Artist biographies are listed alphabetically by the first name and ignoring “The”. Performance times listed are correct at time of printing.

Program times may be subject to change and updates will be posted at venues or the Festival Office.

create a collection of songs about work in

the NSW steelworks in the 60s and 70s.

The result, “We Made the Steel” has been

critically acclaimed in Australia and England.

Saturday 9:00am Magpie

Sunday 11:00am Yuin (w’shop)

Sunday 3:00pm Mumbulla


Now long at the forefront of Irish music in

Australia, Trouble in the Kitchen return to

Cobargo after 19 years (when they were called

Cooking for Brides). Having featured regularly

at all the major Australian folk festivals since,

tours to Japan and Europe, and a string of

awards, Trouble have built a reputation as

firm crowd favourites with their powerhouse

reels, joyful jigs and hauntingly beautiful


Friday 8:00pm Mumbulla

Saturday 11:00pm Gulaga

Sunday 11:00am Gulaga


Hollering with all their hearts over a five

string banjo and a doghouse bass, Truckstop

Honeymoon live the life they sing about.

Touring across three continents with four kids

and a truck load of songs, Katie and Mike

West tell stories about the strangeness of

everyday life. Their music combines elements

of bluegrass, music hall jazz and straight up

rock’n’roll. Vaudevillian wit and showmanship

spike their energetic live shows, while the

fearless honesty of their songs touches the

hearts of listeners around the world.

Saturday 4:00pm Mumbulla

Sunday 1:00pm Magpie


Vic Jefferies is a well-known poet, presenter

of Poets Breakfasts and compere. Whether

you like to split your sides laughing or

perhaps prefer to shed a sentimental tear,

Vic is sure to have something in his extensive

repertoire to entertain you!

Friday 6:00pm Yuin

Saturday 8:00am Poets’ Breakfast Host

Sunday 8:am Poets’ Breakfast

Sunday 2:00pm Yuin (w’shop)


For over forty years Vin Garbutt has been

the most popular folk act in Britain, and

has been a recipient of the BBC Radio

Folk ‘Best Live Performer’ award. He mixes

original, contemporary and traditional songs

with great passion and social comment, and

strings them together with uniquely daft

patter in between, leaving his audiences

crying and laughing at the same time.

Friday 8:00pm Magpie

Saturday 6:30pm Gulaga

Sunday 11:00am Narira (w’shop)


Whistler’s Sister interprets Celtic tunes on

flutes and whistles with beautiful harmonies

and a variety of rhythmic styles. Zena

Armstrong and Lainey Keir are accompanied

by Steve MacDonald on guitar and Peter

Logue on mandolin and accordion. Zena

and Lainey began their musical relationship

performing in bus shelters, other public

spaces and art installations in Canberra -

changing these spaces momentarily and

allowing passers-by to glimpse their creative

process and thus become a part of their

unique musical journey which continues…

Saturday 12:00 noon Yuin

Saturday 3:00pm Narira (w’shop)

Sunday 10:00am Magpie


The Wobbles formed in 2013 (originally

called Ubeautukes) with the aim of providing

a resource for groups within the community

who have difficulty in accessing music

and the enjoyment it can bring. Without

losing focus on its original aim, the band

has developed a broad repertoire and roster

of players that have enabled it to become

a resource for the entire community. As

Ubeautukes, The Wobbles performed at the

2014 Cobargo Folk Festival, an experience

they credit with helping them to become a

more confident and musically diverse band.

Saturday 9:00am Gulaga

Saturday 7:00pm Narira (Session)


Stray Hens upcycled folk revival packs a

punch. Their dynamic mix of rhythm and

harmony illuminates the stories in ancient

ballads. Twin fiddles and shared lead vocals

head this group of acclaimed musicians

from spellbound hush to fever pitch. With

backgrounds in acoustic originals, metal,

funk, rock, Celtic, swamp, old-time and

middle eastern music, the Hens formed to

represent British ballads in the Australian

folk scene, with a view to taking the old songs

- and their fans - beyond the trad, beyond

folk, beyond the session bar and the festival


Saturday 5:00pm Narira (w’shop)

Saturday 8:00pm Magpie

Sunday 4:00pm Gulaga


Byll and Beth are sisters who love singing

and writing songs, and the songs they sing are

about important things that matter to little

people. Every day is an adventure, but every

day there’s so much to remember, and when

you’re little it’s nice to have a song to make

you feel better about challenges along the

way. Tell Mum and Dad that these songs have

been written to make their life easier, and are

guaranteed to make them chuckle, so bring

them along too and join Byll and Beth as they

sing their teeny hearts out.

Saturday 11:00am Bunyip


John Warner and Robin Connaughton are “Ten

Quid Poms,” (sponsored English Migrants

to Australia). Long-standing members of

the a capella group, “The Roaring Forties”,

John and Robin also have extensive careers

as solo artists, a capella, or accompanying

themselves on one of several instruments.

Both are successful writers of folk song and

poetry; a number of John’s songs have been

sung and recorded by artists overseas. He

has also created several themed collections

of songs, and the Folk Cantata “Yarri of

Wiradjuri.” They recently collaborated to

Trouble in the Kitchen

Stray Hens